• Reinventing Higher Education

  • Positively Impacting Institutional Growth

The Community Solution

There is a task that must be met. How do we reinvent higher education to benefit students as well as the communities around them? How we meet this task informs who we are as well as if we will succeed. As the future of higher education evolves, and new challenges emerge, one thing remains clear: We grow better together.

TCS Education System was founded in 2009 to be a game-changer in higher education—to build a community of colleges and universities with the shared purpose of preparing innovative, engaged, purposeful agents of change to serve our global community.

How We Work Together

Driving toward efficiency, TCS Education System has established a foundation from which our community can grow. Our innovative model and willingness to experiment with new ideas have served us well in creating the optimum blend of roles and responsibilities between the supporting services that we offer and those of our fellow colleges and universities.

Mindful of organizational clarity, accountability, and responsibility, TCS Ed System provides cost-effective benefits and support, carefully balancing the collective goals of our community of institutions while maintaining their independent voices.

Who We Are Today

Over the last five years, TCS Education System has grown from one college to five and from one city to 11 while establishing a community of 17 global academic partners striving to fulfill the aspirations of nearly 6,500 students in 12 campus locations.

To continue to thrive in a competitive landscape, TCS Education System and its community of institutions look ahead to building more efficient practices and processes. Further, we anticipate expanding our model to more schools that are looking to share in our success as well as provide an education grounded in the principles of social justice and benefiting the world community.