Pacific Oaks Children's School
Pacific Oaks Children's School, operated by Pacific Oaks College, offers renowned programs for children ages six months through six years of age.
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TCS ES Leadership


 Executive Council



President, Chief Executive Officer
Michael Horowitz, Ph.D.


Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs
Pat Breen, Ph.D.


Vice President, Compliance and Legal Affairs
Jennifer DeMay, J.D.


President & Dean, Santa Barbara and Ventura Colleges of Law
Heather Georgakis, J.D.


Senior Vice President, Business Operations
Mark Griesbaum, M.B.A.

President, Pacific Oaks College
Ezat Parnia, Ph.D.

Chief of Staff
Shari Mikos, M.S.M.


National President, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
Michele Nealon-Woods, Psy.D.


Vice President, Finance and CFO
Glenn Renzulli


President, Dallas Nursing Institute
Pat Perryman, MSN, RN, Ph.D.


Vice President, Admission Operations
Robyn Palmersheim


Vice President, Marketing
Regi Dennis


Senior Vice President, Human Resources
Don Packham, M.B.A.


President, Saybrook University
Mark Schulman, Ph.D.


Vice President, International Services & Operational Integration
Emily B. Karem, M.B.A.


Vice President, Technology
Rick Merrick