Psychology &
Behavorial Studies

An innovator in psychology and related behavior sciences for more than 30 years, The Chicago School is a non-profit graduate school with programs available at five campuses.

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Education &
Human Development

A hallmark of Pasadena, Calif., Pacific Oaks College & Children’s School has played a crucial role in the development of early childhood education in the United States for more than half a century.

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Legal &
Law Studies

Founded more than 40 years ago to expand opportunities for legal education, today the nonprofit Colleges of Law are widely recognized as one of California’s premier regional law schools. 

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News &

TCSPP Signs Memorandum of Agreement with the APA to Establish Renowned Anti-Violence Program at the D.C. Campus

Aug 22, 2014

The partnership will develop the ACT Raising Safe Kids Program (ACT) Mid-Atlantic Regional Training Center.


Dallas Nursing Institute has been developed with the premise that students deserve a quality institution as they begin their quest for a professional career. Since 1991, the school has taken great pride in being open, friendly, caring, culturally sensitive and service oriented.

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Humanistic Studies

Saybrook University is the world’s premier institution for humanistic studies. It is a rigorous and unique learner-centered educational institution offering advanced degrees in psychology, mind-body medicine, organizational systems, and human science.

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