South America



Stefan Reich,


The ILO in Lima, Peru, was the TCS Education System's first international office and it continues to grow as an important market for activity for our institutions students and faculty. Serving as a pilot to discover best practices in international collaboration, operations in Peru provide a strong example of potential for mutually beneficial academic partnerships and programs across all international markets.

Our Partners

Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC)

International programming in Peru is often developed in coordination with TCS Education System's partner institution UPC. Closely aligned with the System's goals to infuse the higher education industry with innovation and creativity, UPC collaborates with affiliates on student and faculty exchange programs, furthering academic partnerships across disciplines and engaging with community service activities in and around Lima.

Chaclacayo Orphanage

Partnering with the Chaclacayo Orphanage enhances the community service pillar of the strategy for internationalization in Peru. This collaboration provides a valuable setting for providing hands on training for affiliate students while simultaneously instilling volunteerism. Students and faculty members are also able to witness the impact of their work by giving back to a population in need.

São Paolo, Brazil

Dr. Viviane Pecanha,


Based in the vibrant Brazilian city of São Paolo, TCS Education System's Brazil office capitalizes on its proximity to numerous dynamic university and non-profit organizations. Activities developed span across the six pillars of internationalization with a focus on field experience for students and faculty members in particular. Experiential learning opportunities are made possible through local partnerships.

Our Partners

University of São Paolo

Affiliation with The University of São Paolo—Brazil's largest institution dedicated to higher education and research—aims to fuse the institutions breadth and depth of faculty experience with that found across TCS Education System affiliates.

Hospital Santa Marcelina

Closely aligned with the TCS Education System's focus on service-learning and community improvement, the Brazil office has developed a partnership with the Hospital Santa Marcelina, an organization largely devoted to community betterment in São Paulo. Working with this hospital allows TCS Education System affiliates to build student immersion programs, field experience, and faculty development opportunities that benefit both the hospital's efforts and program participants.

Para Ti

Para Ti is a community school and social project located in Rio de Janeiro that offers courses in computer skills and arts for children living under the poverty line and in violent areas. The school is an organization that TCS Education System affiliate students and faculty members can work with during field experiences and other international programming.

Pataxo Institute

The Pataxo Institute is an organization which focuses on the social welfare of indigenous communities in and around Bahia, Brazil. Collaborating with this organization leads to collaboration in the form of field experience for affiliate Ph.D. students as well as research opportunities for the System's academic community at large.