Dear TCS Colleagues,

On the heels of this weekend’s Executive Order to restrict U.S. entry to citizens from seven predominantly Muslim countries, all of us at TCS would like to take a moment to underscore our unwavering mission to advance student success and community impact – regardless of country of origin or religious beliefs.

TCS was founded on the belief that we can synergistically impact both communities and students through education. Our institutions have been drawing people together from around the world, both physically and virtually to create a culture of understanding and acceptance for many years. We experienced the power of this firsthand recently, when students, faculty, and administrators from across our institutions convened in Germany to create a global environment of cross-disciplinary learning. 

TCS colleges are currently working with each other and the Office of Global Engagement to examine our collective role as a system committed to leveraging radical cooperation to affect meaningful social change. 

The wealth of diverse perspectives across our entire system of colleges enriches all of us, makes TCS The Community Solution in Higher Education, and fuels our ability to nurture global agents of change that have the power to change the world. The very foundation of our community was built on inclusion and radical cooperation – and it endures even more resolutely as we remain committed to welcoming international students, exposing students to profound international experiences, and supporting refugees and immigrants in our communities. We will continue to support all TCS colleges with maintaining their own steadfast commitment to students and inclusive global engagement. 


Michael Horowitz