The Pursuit of Lasting Social Change

  As a higher ed system of colleges focused on empowering our partner institutions to develop agents of change and favorably impact their communities, we’re constantly exploring opportunities to impart lasting social change. While there’s certainly no shortage of opportunities to make an impact, some rise to a level of urgency that simply cannot be […]

Realizing More Meaningful Global Engagement Opportunities in Higher Ed

With the launch of the first U.S. study abroad program nearly 100 years ago, there’s nothing novel about academic foreign exchange itself. Notable in recent years however, is the value that these programs have the potential to provide students in the increasingly dynamic global environment we now live in. Once prized for their capacity to […]

Whether your game is basketball, business or higher education – the fundamental tenets of meaningful success are the same.

The Tenets of Meaningful Success

Recent conjecture in the news surrounding New York Knicks president, and former basketball coach and player Phil Jackson’s next professional move inspires a thoughtful examination of the leadership successes he’s collected over a nearly 50-year career.  At 70 years-old, with more NBA championships and a higher percentage of game wins to his credit than any […]

TCS Education System: Powerful Community Solutions

Overcoming Limitations to Create Powerful Community Solutions

Looking holistically at the community impact the Fortune 100 is capable of making, there’s no question that the breadth of their reach is significant. From sending thousands to college – compliments of Starbucks, to creating better work-life balance for Google’s global employees with dry cleaning and dog walking services, any benefit conferred by these corporate […]