Reimagining higher education, transforming students, and favorably impacting the global community remain the hallmarks of TCS. Built on the power of radical cooperation with our colleges, our vision to create a community intent on developing agents of change differentiates us from any other system. With a passion to heal and uplift the world, we continue to revolutionize higher education through close partnership and a common call to prepare engaged students that are purposefully focused on serving our local and global communities.

Graduates of TCS colleges are making an impact by serving as innovators and leaders in socially responsible and vital disciplines such as education, law, psychology, and health care. Our accomplishments to date are clear indicators that we truly are better together, and our model has the ability to meet the demands and objectives of today’s students to improve a world much in need. It is for these reasons that TCS Education System is The Community Solution in Higher Education.


Michael Horowitz, Ph.D.