Key Questions to Answer Before Seriously Considering a Merger

  By: Michael Horowitz, Ph.D.  This article originally appeared in the Chronicle of Higher Education on October 21, 2018 In a higher-education landscape marked by an increase in college closures and an uncertain future for some of those able to keep their doors open in the short term, institutional mergers are top of mind for many. […]

New TCS Location

TCS Education System Advances “Radical Cooperation” with New Loop Location

  Cushman & Wakefield was engaged by TCS Education System for a long-term lease signing & build out at 203 N. LaSalle to advance the nonprofit System’s strategic goals. The System moved into its new headquarters on Monday, October 8, and occupies 28,544 square feet – approximately half of the 19th floor. They relocated from […]

Intl Students

TCS NAFSA 2018 Welcoming Week Proclamation

  By: Michael Horowitz Our System’s success depends on making sure that all students feel welcome. Today, students and scholars from all over the world are a vital part of our community — bringing fresh perspectives and new ideas, leading clubs and organizations, and contributing to the vibrant diversity that we all value. This week, […]

Want to Thrive in Higher Ed? Practice “Radical Cooperation”

  Note: This content originally appeared on May 31, 2018 in University Business Magazine, by Dr. Michael Horowitz In a higher education landscape marked by a shrinking student population and increasing uncertainty, institutional longevity—if not short-term survival—is top of mind for most. What many at-risk institutions fail to see, however, is that a primary focus […]

The Unparalleled Benefits of Study Abroad Programs for Working Adults

  By Dr. Michael Horowitz Mark Twain once said, “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” Committed to preparing innovative, engaged, purposeful agents of change who serve our global community at TCS, we happen to agree. However, while it’s impossible to argue that students of every generation can benefit from the expanded view that […]

Winning in Higher Ed via the Road Less Traveled

  Why (despite the headlines) it’s a great time to be a small college in the U.S.     By Dr. Michael Horowitz Taking a 30,000-foot view of the higher ed space today paints a very graphic picture of a sector in the throes of pure distress. From the widely reported shrinking student population to […]