The Community Solution in Higher Education℠

Through collaboration and economies of scale, TCS Education System colleges and universities are able to reduce administrative costs while transforming the academic experience they offer their students. Our diverse resources ensure sustainability, adaptability, and positive social impact in the rapidly changing environment of education. This cross-college cooperation is what we call The Community Solution℠.

Our System Office offers the following expertise and professional services to our community of colleges and universities:

Academic Affairs Support Services

Academic Affairs Support Services provides consultation, support, and specialized expertise to the academic leadership and faculty of the Colleges. We offer specific guidance on requirements that maintain good standing with external mandates (government regulations and accreditation standards) and for best practices that promote academic excellence.

Student Services

Student Services assists students with their individual needs to ensure successful completion of their degree program. We answer questions and concerns, assist course registration and time management, and identify available student support services, such as library, tutoring, and other resources.

Admission & Enrollment Services

Admissions & Enrollment Services support our college community by promoting best practices of admissions and enrollment to include advancing the uniqueness of each college in recruitment. In addition, this department handles inquiries and applications, online and telephone technology, training, and communications.

Strategic Initiatives

Strategic Initiatives provides support to all colleges and their boards, linking board activities and trustees to the integrated governance requirements of the System and Fiduciary Councils. In addition, we evaluate strategic planning ideas with expertise, due diligence, negotiation, and integration. Other services sustain the activities of new associations and affiliations, as well as trustee training and communications that include regular reports of progress toward achieving goals and plans.

Compliance & Legal Services

Compliance & Legal Services provides proactive consultation, informed advice, oversight and risk management of affairs involving legal and regulatory needs. We track and monitor regulatory requirements in areas of our schools’ educational expertise including psychology, law, nursing, and education. In legal matters, we provide representation, general support, direction of outside counsel, and the fulfillment of advice relating to accreditation and other regulatory compliance, as well as requirements necessary for business entity formation and maintenance.

Finance & Accounting Services

Finance & Accounting Services includes providing timely, accurate financial information and guidance. We ensure the efficient use and stewardship of resources, compliance with laws and reporting requirements, internal controls, analytical support, and knowledge in accounting practices.

Human Resources Services

Human Resources Services includes benefits, compensation, coaching, training, recruitment, information systems, performance management, and employee communications. We also provide support regarding decisions by college leadership in order to enhance organizational capabilities, maximize personal development, employee morale, and motivation.

Information & Learning Technology Services

Information & Learning Technology Services provides a national network, enterprise business applications, communications tools, learning management platforms, and instructional technologies. Services include all aspects of information security, regulatory compliance, and business continuity planning.

Global Engagement

Global Engagement supports international exposure opportunities for faculty and students. The five-pillar model includes student recruitment, faculty and student exchange, international field experience, academic partnerships, and community service projects.

Marketing Services

A dynamic and versatile Marketing Department is fundamental to the future success of TCS Education System and its community institutions. The Marketing Department consists of six key interdepartmental, cross-functional teams, including; Digital Marketing; Editorial Development & Story Telling; Research & Insights; Creative Development & Production; Brand Management & Communications; as well as Marketing Operations & Resource Management.