What is The Community Solution (TCS)?

TCS Education System is a nonprofit system of colleges advancing student success and community impact. Founded in 2009 on the fundamental belief that collaboration allows us all to “grow better together,” we operate with the shared purpose of preparing innovative, engaged, and purposeful agents of change to serve our global community.

How We Work Together

Our innovative model pairs a community of like-minded colleges with the scale of resources and operational expertise necessary for each to succeed in advancing student success, favorably impacting their communities, and ultimately changing the world.

TCS maintains an efficient and mindful balance of our academic community‚Äôs collective goals and each partner’s independent voice.

Who We Are Today

Over the last five years, TCS Education System has grown from one college to five and from one city to 11 while establishing a community of 17 global academic partners striving to fulfill the aspirations of nearly 6,500 students in 12 campus locations.

To continue to thrive in a competitive landscape, TCS Education System and its community of institutions look ahead to building more efficient practices and processes. Further, we anticipate expanding our model to more schools that are looking to share in our success as well as provide an education grounded in the principles of social justice and benefiting the world community.